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At The Studio ,we only support use of healthy hair extensions systems.

We specialise in human hair extension that involves the use of micro rings. This method does not involve the use of nasty bulky sewed in wefts, hot glues or harsh chemicals, so no damage is caused to the hair shaft. Moreover, Micro rings are tiny rings, which match your hair colour and this is done by inserting your hair and extension into the ring.


How long will my hair extensions last? 


This depends on the growth rate of your natural hair and can be anything between eight to twelve weeks, but some girls have their extensions longer than this. You can even have your hair extension adjusted as your hair grows by moving the micro rings further up the hair shaft again and thereby prolonging the durability of your hair extension! With regular maintenance and the use of quality products, Our Russian extensions will stay soft, silky and manageable for
7 months +
How do I care for my new extensions?


Extension hair differs from your natural hair in that although it is 100% human hair, it is no longer receiving nutrients from the scalp, and therefore should be given extra care during washing, conditioning and styling.

We can offer a range of products that have had excellent results in keeping extension hair soft and manageable. The hair we use is top quality 'Remy'or'Cutitcle' hair. With These types of Hair the cuticles are all fully intact and facing in the same direction. This means the hair stays shiny, healthy and tangle free. Your new hair can be dyed, blow-dried, straightened, curled, in fact anything you can do to your own hair you can do with this hair. As well as extensions for length, We can also add highlights just for colour and thickness. These come in many different colours.


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